PT Walkley on “Live From Abbey Road”

Tune in to Sundance Channel’s “Live From Abbey Road” and catch 3 new PT Walkley videos, set to air during the breaks, presented by Buick.  Tonight is the debut of “Up The Walls”…  The first in the series was “Lovely World”.  And in two weeks, the world premier of the video for the title track to Walkley’s upcoming EP “Whats What”…
Tune in Friday nights at 8pm EST for new episodes!

Studio at Webster Hall Show, 1/22


Nice mention from Time Out New York

PT Walkley’s songs are poppy and well-manicured, like a New York take on the Kinks. (Don’t just take our word for it: “It’s like a New York 21st-century version of ‘Well Respected Man,’?” Ray Davies told TONY about one of the singer’s tunes

(Also on the bill: A Million Years and Flying Machines.)

The Deli NYC

PT Walkley’s soft vocals make for an intimate musical experience. His debut album, Mr. Macy Wakes Alone is a charming medley of whimsical tunes that piece together to create an all-inclusive work. Sure the songs are great on their own, but the way Walkley molds each song together creates a perfect storybook… 

The Deli NYC